Friday, April 8, 2011

Lines become Life

Hey everyone!
I need you're help in voting for a design I created. Everyone PLEASE take a moment and score my design for a t-shirt on It will be up for 7 days, and in that time, I need as much support as possible, in order for it to go to print! If you don't like it - no worries, you don't have to vote. BUT If you really do like it, feel free to give it a great score! If it goes to print i get $2,000, and much needed exposure!
You can score the design by following the link below, or by clicking HERE. (I'm pretty sure noaccount is necessary to score the design). Thank you in advance!

Score This Design!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Moby Dick, Bees Wearing Crowns, A Violion, and Coffee

What do these things have in common? They are the subject matter featured in my art prints of course! These high quality prints can be produced on paper, canvas, and even laptop/phone cases. Different available sizes makes them affordable for all. You can purchase yours HERE.

Moby Dick (The White Whale)