Tuesday, February 26, 2008

collage is your friend

Why am I so drawn to collage? It seems no matter what creative medium I get into, I always find myself returning to collage (decoupage too!). Here are some collages I did a few years ago. I'm thinking of making prints and putting them up in my etsy shop but I haven't decided. When I made them, the creativity came from such a deep place inside me that they almost feel too personal to sell to others. I look at them and I see an intimate part of myself. Do I really want such a intimate expression of mine up on someone's wall? But on the other hand, each one brings me a warm comforting feeling when I look at them, and so they bring me great happiness. Shouldn't I share that with other people? I think it comes down to the fact that as artists, we are sharing a deeply personal part of our selves when we go public with our work. It almost feels like if the work were criticized it would be a direct criticism on us. So I think it's the old fear of rejection thing. But maybe that's an even better reason to go public with it, even if it makes you feel vulnerable.

Monday, February 25, 2008

On to new and exciting things!!

I just bought materials for metal work, and cannot wait to start making some crazy pieces of jewelry. It's all new territory, but that just makes it even more exciting. I will be making rings, earrings and bracelets. I'll get some pictures up as soon as I can. I had no idea how inexpensive it was to start up. You need an initial investment, but your tools will last you forever (or until you want to upgrade to something better). Now I just need to find some sterling silver to work with. I couldn't believe how expensive sterling silver sheets were going for. Apparently the prices have been sky rocketing. Since I'm so big on recycling - and saving money - I'm hoping I can find old items made of silver and melt them down to use the metal. My hunt begins tomorrow...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

oh etsy!

New spot on Etsy.com

On sale now: Bottle cap magnets. I make each individual one by hand with alot of love. Each magnet is filled with permanent resin and magnet backs are attached with epoxy. Each one has super-strength abilities and can hold quite a bit of weight. All these factors mean that these puppies are durable and built to last. Comes in a set of five. A gaurenteed way to make you and your fridge very happy!

note: I made a huge mess and had a lot of fun while making these.

The junk yard is calling!!!

Transforming Trash to Treasures
There is nothing better then walking into a thrift store or junk yard and seeing all the endless possiblities for transforming old unwanted items into new favorites. This is without a doubt my favorite creative pastime. There are endless possibilites with what could be done. My last trip to the junk yard produced two gems for my apartment. I found an old mop bucket, and an old beat up window, and had big plans for them. While waiting in line I called my boyfriend and excitingly told him what I found. People in the store were looking at me like I was crazy. Maybe so. But look at the cool stuff I turned them into:

An old window became an interesting wall decoration, as well as a place to showcase some vintage photographs.

I transformed the $3 mop bucket into an awesome planter full of flowers and herbs. It makes me happy everytime I go out onto my balcony.