Sunday, April 6, 2008

Featured Collage/Photomontage Artists

"Encounters of the mind"
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I decided to bring some of my collages out of retirement, and sell prints of them in my shop. In honor of this, I decided to focus today's blog on collage. So I hit the web to discover other collage artists out there. There are many different styles of collage existing, but I noticed that I tend to be drawn to similiar types. Here are a few pieces that struck my attention for one reason or another

"The Jack of all Trades" by Mister "Michael David Jerome Hoffmann Koppa" (as he calls himself)

"The Pathway Home" - by Kim Birdsong

"Given" - by David Wallace


Dee's Digital Designs said...

Great collages!

Margins. said...

I absolutely adore collages. Thanks for sharing these. I enjoyed them quite thoroughly!

Okay...I enjoyed them A LOT!

Anonymous said...

These are fantastic!

mvkoppa said...

Your work is beautiful.Thank you for the link to my site.